Citizen, dad, entrepreneur sharing ideas in copyleft, executing on some of them (@citizen_spring, @citizen_garden, @opencollect, @storify):

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Citizen Spring

In the face of the climate emergency and the need for Deep Adaptation, citizens need to organise to become more resilient. Citizen Spring is a citizen movement to rebuild our local communities one citizen initiative at a time.

Citizen Garden

I moved to Brussels in 2019. In 2020 we moved with my partner in a new place with a garage but we don't have a car. Since nobody can park in front of it, what if we used that empty gray and dead space into a community garden to share with the street? Sadly, the local authorities didn't share our enthousiasm and decided to take it away and put it in the communal waste disposal. Luckily, citizens resisted and brought it back on a hand cart!

Open Collective

While still in San Francisco, I started Open Collective in 2015 (then moved to NYC). The idea was simple: as the Internet enables more and more citizens to collaborate and work together on common projects (open source communties, movements such as Women Who Code, Fridays for Future, ...), how can we enable those newly formed communities to collect money without the hassle of setting up a legal entity? What if we could virtualise existing legal entites to "host" a new form of association for the Internet generation?


I moved to San Francisco in 2009 to start Storify. The idea was simple: as events unfold around the world, the first people on the scene are not anymore journalists but citizens armed with their smartphones. They take pictures and share their experience. Storify enables journalists to tell stories using what citizens share on social media. It got acquired by Livefyre then Adobe who eventually shut it down in May 2018.