We are all artists

To be great, learn to open your senses to new things, new signals, new inspiration. And learn to mix all those to create new vibrations that will resonate in turn with the world.

ART I feel inspired

An artist is constantly curating signals from his environment, he calls that "inspiration". The output is a song, a piece of art, a performance, a drawing. If it resonates with people, it spreads very quickly and becomes a hit, a master piece. Great artists are people who became master in the art of curating the vibrations of their environment and put them together in a coherent new vibration that resonates with their audience. Everything is a remix.

A great journalist is such an artist. A journalist curates different sources on a topic, keeps only the best –the ones that resonate with him/her– and put them together in a new music, a story, a documentary, a movie, that will resonate in turn with a new audience.

A great engineer is such an artist. He keeps on learning different ways of thinking, different ways of solving problems and, given a new problem, will use the right set of tools in such a way that will resonate with the problem and unlock the solution. A 10x engineer is an engineer who became master in the art of identifying great new ways of thinking in their environment and can appropriately apply them to solve new problems.

A great entrepreneur is such an artist. He listens to the problems of a given community, a market, gather advice, feedback and the necessary resources to make a product. If it resonates with enough people in the community, it's a success. Serial entrepreneurs have become the master in curating ideas, people, advice to turn them into products that resonate with the community.

Travel, meet other cultures, speak different languages, embrace a world of diversity. Be great, be inspired, be an artist.

Xavier Damman

About the author

I'm Xavier Damman. I'm an engineer in computer science and an entrepreneur. I'm passionate about the digital renaissance. I like to think about the future of media (I cofounded Storify), organizations and democracy (I'm now working on Open Collective). In my spare time, I like to hack and talk. You can follow me on Twitter @xdamman.