Who am I? Why this website? What will you find here?

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Xavier Damman. I'm an entrepreneur and an engineer in computer science. I was born and raised in Belgium, but I now live in NYC since 2016 (after 7 years in San Francisco). I was the cofounder and CEO of Storify that has been acquired by Livefyre in September 2013. I've started a new company: Open Collective to create a new form of association for the Internet generation.

Why this site?

It's long overdue that I get back to blogging. It's not that I don't know what to talk about. I have plenty of things, concepts, ideas that I'd love to share. It's just that it's hard for me to put them down in texts.

But I figured that I should just take a dive and give it try. It's probably the best way to get better at it!

The tech behind it

I also took the opportunity to write my own NodeJS application to power this blog with a focus on easy deployment (using grunt), easy collaboration (using markdown files that anyone can edit on github and minimalistic design. The goal is to provide a website that focuses on the content and nothing else. CSS is reduced to its strict minimum and inlined within the html page to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Javascript files are minimized and compacted in one single file that is loaded asynchronously. As a result, the pages load super fast even on a crappy 3G connection.

I've open sourced this NodeJS server here: https://github.com/xdamman/blogdown And the content is also on github here: https://github.com/xdamman/blog

Xavier Damman

About the author

I'm Xavier Damman. I'm an engineer in computer science and an entrepreneur. I'm passionate about the digital renaissance. I like to think about the future of media (I cofounded Storify), organizations and democracy (I'm now working on Open Collective). In my spare time, I like to hack and talk. You can follow me on Twitter @xdamman.