I'm Xavier Damman. I'm an engineer in computer science and an entrepreneur. I'm passionate about the digital renaissance. I like to think about the future of media (I cofounded Storify), organizations and democracy. In my spare time, I like to hack and to talk. You can follow me on Twitter @xdamman.

Bye bye publishers’ mobile website

I can’t remember the last time I actually opened the mobile website of a publisher. I discover links mostly through Twitter and Facebook and I send them to Pocket, my offline reader. It’s such a better experience: consistent navigation, no ad, no bloated pages that take forever to load on a mobile connection (seriously you really need 100+ requests and 2.6MB of data — which takes 35s to load on a 3G connection — to send me some text and one stock photo?).

My 10-day meditation retreat in silence

Image source: globalpagoda.org

10,000 startups, 100,000 jobs

Image source: http://thefreerangelife.com/9-gardening-supplies-for-free/

We are all artists

To be great, learn to open your senses to new things, new signals, new inspiration. And learn to mix all those to create new vibrations that will resonate in turn with the world.

Global Agenda Council Social Media

All 21 members of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Social Media (#wefsocmed) have been asked to answer the following questions for the first introductory call. Here is what I’ve prepared. It’s short because it has to be under 2mn.

Twitter AdSense and the Follow layer of the web

Following a Twitter account is the equivalent of “I want to get future updates from this source”. It’s a valuable call to action that could be on many pages across the web. Twitter is uniquely positioned to own this new Follow layer, if they want it.

The war for your home screen

Internet companies are fighting for our attention. And today our attention is on the home screen of our phone.

From Paywall to Sharewall

I love this idea by @khoi to give credit to paywall subscribers for sharing New York Times stories.

Donations/sponsoring for your github repo

This is the fourth blog post in my office hours series. This one is about Jeroen Tiebout. He wants to help open source projects get donations.

Get out of the rabbit hole

We try to correct course instead of starting again by fear of wasting time. But going back to the surface and start digging a new hole might be the fastest way to find the right solution.

Pastebin for photos

A dozen of entrepreneurs already talked to me about their idea for solving the photo mess. Which means that there are at least 20,000 entrepreneurs out there trying all possible angles to attack this problem. Yet, no one has nailed it yet. Someone will, someday. Here is my take on it.

Teepiic: create photo albums together

This is the third blog post in my office hours series. This one is about Severine Bourlet. She wants to solve the problem of gathering in one place photos of an event.

Approval process for Buffer

Peter Meyers has a long experience in marketing. He experienced the pain of doing twenty back and forth between the client and the agency to know what to share on social media (many if not most of social media accounts of brands are managed by marketing agencies). He wants to fix that with his partner Florent Grandjean.

Office hours Brussels January 2014

I met a bunch of entrepreneurs during my office hours in Brussels last week, 11 exactly, non stop between 1pm till 6pm!

Hstry.org: replay history on social media

Thomas Ketchell is not a hacker. He is a half French/half English historian. He is using social media to “replay History”. What if historic persons were on Twitter or Instagram today? What would they tweet, share? I really like the idea. Such a fun and modern way to teach history.

ITM: Initial Target Market

Learn to swim in the swimming pool first before diving into the ocean.

Extensions for Google Chrome for Mobile

I love Google Chrome. Such a fast and pleasant experience when browsing the web on my laptop. But on my iPhone, Safari is still my browser of choice. But that's about to change.

I don't need a faster iPhone

What made me switch from PC to Mac was not speed but productivity. I don't need a faster iPhone. I need an iPhone that gets the job done when I need it.

Use Grunt and unCSS to speed up the load time of your site

More often than not, our phones have a slow, unreliable and high latency connectivity. Yet most common websites are not optimized to make the best use of the limited bandwidth. Let's see how we can optimize that.

Planza - startup advice

I had coffee with a Belgian entrepreneur visiting San Francisco. Here are some of the advice I shared with him.

The hidden power of Twitter Custom Timelines

What if the new Twitter Custom Timelines could open a new way to follow your interests on Twitter with more signal and less noise?

Echec de la voiture électrique en Belgique ou échec d'une façon de pensée?

Old way of thinking + new technology = bad recipe.